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PPC Consultant with Accumulated Experience of Hundreds of Pay per Click Campaigns

Hundreds of Pay per Click campaigns launched have allowed me to gain specific industry knowledge as PPC Marketing Consultant in a wide variety of products and services. From small local businesses to multilingual & multi-country PPC campaigns, if your type business is listed below, I probably know already how to make the most of your advertising campaign from day one.

National & Multi-Country PPC Campaigns

Multi-Language: International Schools, Forex Trading, Copy Trading, Intellectual Property Services, Commercial Investigation Services, CPR First Aid Training, Home & Office Furniture, Sports Courts’ Reel & Rotary Mowers
Online Stores (National): Caravan Accessories, Dog Supplies, Garden Supplies, Women’s Apparel, Models & Toys, Work Wear, Motorbike Part
Online Stores (Multi-Country): Beeswax Wraps, Inflatable Pumps, Skin Lightening Products, Gourmet Coffee
Services: Interstate Relocations, Shipping Couriers, Addiction Treatment Rehab, International Internships, Travel Agency
Gambling Industry: Sports Betting, Online Poker & Casino

Local Businesses & Services PCC Campaigns

Local Services: Plumbers, Electricians, Locksmiths, Garage Door Repairs, Self-Storage, Home & Business Removals, Air Conditioning
Home & Garden:  Home Additions, Patio Builders, Interior Designers, Roller Shutters, Alarm Systems, Window Tinting, House Fencing
Sports & Education: International Schools, Music Schools, Seminars, Acting Classes, Private Schools, Gyms, Personal Trainers
B2B: Debt Collector, Powder Coating, Office Cleaning Services, Business Relocations, Office Design, Business Expeditions
Vehicle & Machinery Hire: Cars, Limousines, Mini-Vans, Pick Ups, Bobcats, Excavators, Party Buses
Health & Beauty: Dental Clinics, Physiotherapy Centres, Plastic Surgery Clinics, Personal Trainers
Dining & Going Out: Coffees, Bars, Restaurants, Clubs, Events, City Tours

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Years of experience launching digital marketing campaigns have allowed me to analyse an immeasurable number of clicks, millions in sales and thousands of leads.

To be successful in a saturated online market, where a vast number of similar products and services compete for the same customers, you need the necessary expertise to win the battle to your competitors.

Otherwise, it’s like going to the casino to play poker against professionals. You may win one hand, but at the end of the day, you will come back home with empty pockets.

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