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Managing your PPC campaigns in-house might sound like a cheap option to reach your audience. Still, if you or your “guy for everything” does not use the right data to analyse, test & optimise your campaigns correctly, they can turn into an expensive nightmare. Save money, capture more customers and grow your business with a revised Digital Marketing strategy. Get the most of your ad spend with a free Google Ads Audit by a Certified Google Ads expert.

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There are tools out there claiming they can check your Google Ads campaigns within seconds. Well, I will surely take longer than that. Because I will not only pinpoint the technical issues, but I will also analyse your metrics and results. You will receive a PPC Audit along with an analysis of the most relevant metrics. Additionally, I can also include a non-obligation quote and strategic recommendations to improve the performance of your Google Ads campaigns.

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I will personally analyse your account to prevent your campaigns from costly mistakes that may be wasting your Ad Spend. By running a PPC campaign audit, I will not only identify potential technical issues, but I will also be positioned to make strategic recommendations. Request now your AdWords Audit, get your campaigns on track and start getting a better return of your ad spend.

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If you already have an AdWords, Facebook, Microsoft or Amazon Ad account, I can let you know what you can be doing better. Send me through your details, and I will request you access from my side. If you don’t have an ad account yet, contact me Ā for digital marketing help and let me know about your project.

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