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NICO | Expert AdWords Consultant Spain

Google Ads Freelance Services in Spanish

I’m a Spanish Google Ads Expert with years’ experience managing google ads campaigns. Based in Bangkok, I live between Asia and Spain, offering my services as an AdWords Consultant in Spain and all across the world.

Certified AdWords Expert in Spain

I can manage your Google Ads in Spanish (my native language), English or any other language. One of my areas of expertise as an AdWords Expert is to manage multilingual and multicounty campaigns. Thanks to my global network of digital marketing specialists, I can deliver your campaigns in nearly any language.

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Expert AdWords Consultant Spain

Google Ads Consultant in Spain

A Spanish Google Ads Expert to target the Hispanic market

Are you looking for an AdWords Consultant in Spain? Need to target Spanish speaking audiences locally or globally? It Seems like you don´t need to look any further. I’m a native Spanish Google Ads Specialist with years of experience managing Google Ads campaigns. From small local business to online stores, and companies offering their services in multiple countries and languages.

Looking for a Google Ads Agency in Spain?

Talk to a Spanish AdWords Consultant with more than 15 years’ experience  

I have more than 15 years’ experience in Marketing and over a decade building digital marketing campaigns. Consequently, you can feel confident you are hiring a highly experienced specialist to success in the Hispanic market. While working with a Spanish Google Ads agency you will probably have an account manager and a junior specialist taking care of your campaigns, hiring an independent Google Ads Consultant in Spain you will be talking directly with the specialist that actually works into your accounts.

Certified AdWords Expert Spain

Get Advice from a qualified expert  

I’m a Spanish Google Ads certified specialist with more than 5 million dollars invested in digital marketing campaigns. Certainly, this is the expertise you need to succeed in the Hispanic Market. Due to my experience and qualifications, you can expect campaigns using the best practices to target Spanish users. Besides, your campaigns and keywords will be as well correctly translated and localised into Spanish by a Native AdWords Expert from Spain.

Google AdWords in Spanish

Spanish Keywords and Ad Copies

Google Search Campaigns in Spanish

Before to start with the campaign build, I will study your products or services to understand your business model fully. If you already have one, I can also analyse your existing google ads campaign. Once we determined the campaign goals, I will propose an initial campaign structure, as well as ad copies and a set of keywords. I will keep nurturing this et of keywords once the campaign is live by using the search terms report. As a native Spanish speaker, I don´t need to translate your keywords, because I can directly come up with them in my native language. Same goes with the ads; I don´t need to translate them, because I can localise them into Spanish.

Google Banners in Spanish

Banner Design & translations

If you want to run a google display and remarketing campaign, you will also need a set of banners in Spanish. If you have your own in-house design department, I can help you with the ad copy translations. But if that is not the case, I can also get you a professional banner design.

Translate Your Landing Page into Spanish

Design and content creation

Using keywords in Spanish may be a good idea, but it will only be effective if your landing page is in Spanish too. We have to be consistent by sending users to specific landing pages. Consequently, we should never use keywords and Ads in Spanish if we don´t have a landing page translated. If you already have one, I can help you to optimise it by adding the most relevant keywords for your campaign and business. But If you don´t, we can build one from scratch one. I can also help you to find a Spanish translator if you need to translate your entire website.

Targeting the Hispanic Market with Google Ads?

Localized Google Ads campaigns in Spanish

Adapt your message to Spanish audiences

While a translation of your ads is just rewriting the text into a different language, I can take your campaign beyond that by adapting your message to the Spanish audience. Therefore, I would not only translate your campaigns but build them from scratch in my native language.

Bilingual & Spanish-Speaking Audiences

Best practices to target bilingual countries

Depending on the product of services you want to advertise, and the countries you want to target, you may need to build your campaigns in more than one language. For instance, in the US, there are  forty million Spanish speakers, making very relevant a campaign is Spanish complementing the primary campaign in English. But also, when targeting Spanish speaking countries; because many native Spanish users use English keywords when searching for certain services or products. Therefore, it’s essential to know how to use the language settings correctly and how to structure a multilingual campaign using the best practices to target bilingual audiences.

Multilingual Google Ads Campaigns

Advertising in multiple languages and countries

Managing campaigns in multiple languages and/or countries is also one of my areas of expertise. Thanks to my international network of Google Ads Specialist (who can build your campaign on his native language), I can deliver and manage campaigns in nearly any language. In fact, most of the accounts I manage are running in at least two languages.

Four of the most crucial task you have to take into account during the process of building a multilingual campaign are:

Multilingual keyword research

Due to every language has its peculiarities, a simple translation by a professional translator could not be enough. Consequently, the person best placed to ensure a comprehensive set of keywords is going to be a google ads specialist who can build the campaign in its own language.

Ad copy translations

The quality of translation is sure a critical component, and Google ads has its peculiarities; the length of the headlines, descriptions, site-links, callouts, and its limitation of characters. A professional who understands Google Ads will be able to adapt your message, also taking into account Google ads features.

Campaign structure & settings

Campaign structure is the key to the success of any Google Ads campaign, especially when building a multilingual one. Consequently, campaigns and ad groups should always be separated based on language. As a result, the account structure may become quite complicated, making quite tricky the future campaign optimisation. Besides, you also need to fully understand how the language settings work to drive the uses to the correct campaign because you don´t want to send a user to a campaign and land page different from the language he is using on his search query. We have to take into account whether or not the user’s Google interface language matches one of the languages your campaign in using.

Localised landing page

Lastly, make sure the landing page is translated by a professional. The landing page is where the users get from the first impression of your company. Google ads can send qualified traffic to your page, but your landing page is where your potential clients are going to make the buying decision. Therefore, you don´t want to send them to a page poorly translated, because this will make your website less trustworthy.

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