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Nicolas Chueca | Certified Google AdWords Specialist

Offering Google Ads Freelance Services Worldwide

I’m Nico, a Google Ads Consultant certified in Search, Display and Shopping campaigns. Based in Bangkok, I live between Asia and Spain, offering Google Ads freelance services worldwide.

You can be confident you have found one of the finest Google Ads independent consultants. I can help you set up a new account, improve your current campaigns, or provide one-to-one training to help you gain a better understanding of your Google Ads performance.

 As a highly knowledgeable AdWords Consultant, I will make my goal to grow your business by making the most of your ad spend. No matter where you are in the world, do not hesitate to contact me if you need expert advice on Google Ads.

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A seasoned expert in digital and strategic marketing

 Google Ads certified professional
 Over $5 million managed in Google Ads
 More than 15 years of experience 
 Hundreds of ad accounts managed 
 Honest & professional work ethic

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Results-Oriented Google Ads Campaigns

Because online marketing is the engine of your sales

The first page of Google is probably the world’s best place to promote your products and services. But believe me when I say to you, getting clicks is way too easy when you are paying for them. That is why a Google Ads campaign performance specialist’s responsibility is not just to send traffic to your website, but also to get results. On the contrary, my job starts by preventing your campaign from paying for low-quality clicks that are unlikely to bring you sales, leads or registrations. Results I will work to improve month after month.

In other words, if you’re after results, your campaign should be goal-oriented, not volume-oriented. It’s a widespread habit among digital marketing agencies to offer rates cards their CMP & CPC cost. However, you need to know that unless you are running a brand awareness campaign, those clicks are mostly useless. The main reason for this is because to bring down the CPC & CPM rates, they need to reduce the quality of the clicks by targeting audiences too broad to get results. I recommend before you ask an agency for their rate card, it’s better to ask yourself if what you need is just traffic to your website. Because if you also need sales and prospect clients with a real possibility of becoming a customer, it’s less preferential to hire an agency for their rates card.

By contrast, a performance based campaign goes beyond clicks and impressions, trying to reduce the cost per acquisition. In short, performance marketing does not necessarily try to get you more and more clicks, but aims to increase your transactions, leads or registrations.

Looking for a Google Ads Agency?

Talk to a Google Ads Consultant to maximise results

Google Ads management is a delicate science, that if not done correctly, may result in revenue loss. So you need to consider carefully who you’ll hire to manage your Google Ads account. By hiring an independent Google Ads Consultant, you get direct access to the specialist that works in your AdWords account. Not a sales-rep, not a junior specialist, but a person who gets the job done. An independent Google Ads Consultant will give a personal approach to your project, taking your goals as his own.

Sometimes working for an agency, and also as an independent marketing consultant, I have at present, managed campaigns for a value over five million dollars. As a result, I have analysed millions of clicks, sales, and leads. This is the expertise you want when hiring a Google Ads Freelancer.

  • Talk directly with a seasoned Google Ads expert
  • No sales-reps, no account managers, no junior specialists.
  • A personal approach to every project thanks to a reduced number of clients
  • 100% committed with your project & goals
  • Honest, professional work ethics

Google Ads Certified Specialist

Get advice from a qualified AdWords expert

Managing your AdWords campaigns is a delicate job that if not done correctly, may result in revenue loss. Even experienced digital marketers need help sometimes from a Google Ads certified expert with a deep understanding of all the tools, metrics and resources Google Adwords offers. I’m a Google AdWords Certified Specialist in Search, Display and Shopping campaigns with more than 5 million dollars invested in Google Ads campaigns. Consequently, you will be talking directly with a qualified and seasoned specialist. I can also help you to create a cross-platform campaign on Facebook, Microsoft-Bing Ads, Instagram, LinkedIn and Amazon. If you’re not sure where to begin, I’m a well rounded marketing consultant expertly positioned to make recommendations for your business strategy.

by a Certified Specialist

Google Ads Management

Google Search Campaign

Account structure, keywords & ads

A Google search campaign can get your website on top of the search results page and in front of thousands of potential customers within hours. A thorough account structure and keyword selection are the foundations of the future success of our campaigns. By creating these highly targeted campaigns, you will decrease your spend, helping your advertising account to improve the return of your investment. Your initial Google AdWords set up should include:

  • An initial keyword selection
  • A dedicated campaign for each product or service
  • An ad group structure separating keywords by match types
  • One list of negative keywords
  • Two extended google ads per ad group and one responsive ad.
  • A complete set of ad extensions: site-links, callouts, structured snippets & call extensions

A Google ads specialist should know to create high-quality clickable campaigns that may deliver consistent growing results, increasing conversions, decreasing spending, and consequently improving your ROI.

Google Display Campaign

Target the right audience

Getting clicks is way too easy, but even more, when you are running a display campaign. Firstly, because the CPC is usually much cheaper than in search. Moreover, the visitors you send to your page were not even searching for your ads. However, they still are an excellent complement for search campaigns. Indispensable for branding purposes, a display can also be great to generate leads, as long as the ads are relevant for the audiences they are targeting. They should also drive traffic to sales-oriented landing pages with a clear goal.

Getting clicks is way too easy, but even more so when you are running a display campaign. Firstly, because the CPC is usually much cheaper than in search. Moreover, the visitors you send to your page were not even searching for your ads. However, they still are an excellent complement for search campaigns. Indispensable for branding purposes, a display can also be great to generate leads, as long as the ads are relevant for the audiences they are targeting. They should also drive traffic to sales-oriented landing pages with a clear goal.

There are several ways to target users through the Google Display Network, but we can group them in these five categories:

  1. Who are they? (detailed Demographics): Age, gender, household income, parental status, education, marital status, homeownership status.
  2. Affinity & custom affinity audiences: What their interest and habits are.
  3. In-market, life events & custom intent: What they are actively researching or planning and recent life events.
  4. Remarketing and similar audiences: Target users who have interacted with your business. Web Page visitors, high-value users who have realised a specific action on your website. Similar audiences are generated automatically by Google Ads with users matching the same characterises to those who have accomplished a particular action on your website.
  5. Contextual and specific placements: Contextual advertising displays your ads on pages where the topic matches the topics or keywords you have selected. It is also possible to target specific websites, but it is also true the most popular sites usually are not available at the GDN network.  The reason for this is that most popular sites use other media buying platforms (when they don´t have their own) to sell their advertisement inventory, usually more expensive than Google Display Network.

Crafting goal-oriented banners & landing pages

To be able to run a display campaign, you will also need at least a set of display banners and a landing page that converts. If you don’t have an in-house designer, I can help you with that too. Professional banner design with a concise (but not generic) ad copy will help you drive traffic to your site.  On the other hand, once your ads get a click, your landing page is where the user makes his purchasing decision. So, make sure you send the users to specific landing pages with a clear goal. Remember that you not only want a visually attractive landing page, but one which also gets to the point. The visitor should instantly know what the value proposition is as well as which action we want him to take.

Google Shopping Campaign

Merchant Center & campaign optimisation

If you have an online store, a Google Shopping campaign can be the perfect complement to your search ads. Shopping ads display the product catalogue to searchers in a visually appealing way.

The main steps to create a Shopping campaign are:

  • Create your Google merchant centre
  • Verify the ownership of your website.
  • Import your product catalogue from your website to the Merchant Center.
  • Link your Google ads account or create a new one if you don’t have one yet.
  • Create Shopping campaigns into the Google Ads Account

Shopping ads do not use keywords to trigger the user queries, but they use your page content instead. For this reason, we not only need to optimise our campaigns and bid strategy, but we will also need to work on optimising the data feed to avoid wasting our budget in low relevant search terms. We should also include a thorough negative keyword list to prevent your shopping campaign from getting clicks from unwanted queries. Once the campaign is live, we will grow this list of negative keywords by analysing the search term report, adding those low relevant search terms that are unlikely to bring sales.

Google Ads to Advertise Locally or Globally

Google Ads for Local Business

Advertise in a specific area, city or region


Google ads can be the perfect fit for local businesses if you know how to use them. Not only because you can target users in your area of influence, but also because you can target them when they are actively searching for your services. Google AdWords allows you to target a region, a city, or a specific area within a municipality, making it easy to adapt the ad spend to your budget by expanding or reducing your target area.

AdWords works remarkably well for local services and emergencies such as locksmiths, alarm system installers, plumbers, garage doors, electricians, etc. But also for those with a fiscal establishment, such as dental clinics, physiotherapy centres, plastic surgery clinics, private schools, etc. Therefore, some of the things to take into account when building a local campaign are:

  • Target area & location settings: Is your business a door to door service? Or do your customers need to visit your establishment? Indeed, this is the first question you have to ask yourself to decide the target area and location settings.
  • Understand customers’ search intent: Understand how customers search for the business when typing a query into a search engine. Consequently, we have to separate the keywords where the query intent address the user is searching for a local business from those searching for online services or gathering information.
  • Localised ad copies & location extensions: Your ad copies need to state the location of your business (or your service area), and your Google My Business linked to your Google Ads account. By doing this, your ads will display a location ad extension when the location is relevant for the user.

Multi-Country & Multi-Lingual Campaigns

Advertise in Multiple countries and languages

One of my many areas of expertise is managing campaigns in multiple languages and countries. English, Spanish, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, French, German; just name it. I have managed campaigns in most languages and countries.

One single ad account or multiple accounts? It depends on the number of products or services to promote, and the number of countries and languages to target. AdWords has a learning curve that can be shortened by a thorough campaign structure. This structure can get quite complicated when targeting different languages or countries. For this reason, when you are building a multi-language campaign, methodology and organisation become even more critical. If you have to target several countries and languages, using different accounts will help you keep your campaigns tidy. In the long term, a well-organised account is much easier to optimise, that is why it’s worth spending some time to think about which is the best campaign structure for your project before you start building the campaign.

Multilingual Countries and Bilingual Audiences. To begin with, we have to be consistent by sending users to specific landing pages. Using keywords in Spanish, Thai, French or Chinese is effective only if your landing pages are Spanish, Thai, French and Chinese too. On the other hand, we cannot forget there are many countries where there is search volume in more than one language. In Malaysia for example, Malay is the official language while around 10–15% of the population can speak Chinese, but still, the highest volume of search queries are done in English. In the United States of America are over 40 million Spanish speakers you can target by using Spanish keywords. Most likely, those users may search interchangeably in both languages, English and Spanish. This circumstance can make your campaign structure very tricky if you don’t know how to organise it and how to use the language settings properly.

Online-Stores, Online Services, and Nationwide Advertising

Reach potential customers nationwide

Do you have an online store? Are your services delivered online? If that is the case, the exact user location becomes less relevant. As long as he is in the country or region where you deliver your products and services, you don’t need to worry about how far your potential customer is located.

Does your website have a vast number of products? Google Shopping allows retailers to advertise their products to searchers in a visually appealing way. Additionally, it will allow you to automatically pull all your products from your website, generating ads that include the product title, an image, the price, the name of the retailer, and some specific information. But if you don’t have a well-structured, quick and effective delivering service, Amazon is also a comparison search engine you may consider. It has its own advertising system, and can also ship your products, and take care of customer service and returns. Even though it’s beneficial to have one, you don’t necessarily need a website when selling your products through Amazon.

Keyword selection is critical. Ask yourself about the search intent of each keyword in your campaign. Is the user searching for a local service or an online store? We don’t want to waste our budget on users searching for a local service/store. It would be always more difficult to convince them to buy online, making our cost per conversion increase if we go after them. Therefore, we have to prevent our campaign from queries searching for a specific location. In conclusion, unless you have an unlimited budget, better allocate your ad spend on those users more open to buying online.


Google Ads Consultant Pricing

Google Ads Management Fees

Paid Monthly, no minimum contract length

If you request a custom quote, we will calculate the monthly management fee depending on the project complexity, and monthly ad spend. There is not a minimum contract length, but because Google AdWords has a learning curve, my recommendation is to start with an initial 3 months’ trial period.

Below $/€ 2,000 Ad Spend / Month: 30-24% Management fee.
Between $/€ 2,000 and 5,000 Ad Spend /Month: 24-21% Management fee.
Between $/€ 5,000 and 20,000 Ad Spend / Month: 21-9% Management fee.
More than 20,000 $/€ Ad Spend /Month: Request a custom non-obligation quote.

Campaign Set-Up

One-off Before to start the campaign

The set-up cost may vary depending on the project complexity.

A standard campaign set-up includes:

  • Open a Google ads Account if you don’t have one yet.
  • A campaign set up using a match-type ad group structure.
  • One initial set of Keywords.
  • Two extended ads per ad group (using dynamic keyword Insertion when appropriate) and one search responsive ad.
  • Callouts, site-links, structured snippets and call extensions
  • Link Google ads to Google Analytics and Google My Business (if you already have them in place)
  • Set conversions and import campaign goals from Google Analytics


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