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Nicolas Chueca - Spanish Marketing Consultant

Because knowing how to use the tool is not enough anymore, better get expert advice from a marketing professional with 360º strategic view

Nico | Strategic & Digital Marketing Consultant

Offering Marketing Consultancy Services in Spain and Worldwide

I’m Nico, a Spanish Marketing consultant specialised in strategic and digital marketing. Living between Spain and Thailand, I assist and manage digital marketing campaigns for Spanish and international companies.

Thanks to my long professional track record in both offline and online marketing, I’m also expertly positioned to make strategic recommendations.

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 15+ years between online & offline marketing
 Master in Marketing and Sales Management
Postgraduate in Digital Marketing
Google Ads Certified Specialist
 Over €5,000,000 experience in online Ads


Marketing Consultant Spain & Digital Advertising

Customised Marketing Plans | Promotions & Yearly Promotional Calendars | Strategic Consultancy | Branding & Brand Positioning

Google & YouTube Ads | Facebook & Instagram Ads | Amazon Marketing | LinkedIn Ads | Bing Ads | SEO | Email Marketing

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Get advice from a 360º marketing expert

Are you searching for a Marketing Consultant in Spain? Whether you need to build an entire marketing strategy to target the Hispanic market, or just help with a digital marketing campaign, I can help you to make the most of your marketing efforts.

I’m a Bachelor in Business Administration with a Master Degree in Marketing and Commercial Management. Certified Google Ads Specialist and Postgraduate in Digital Marketing and Social Media Management, I have more than 15 years’ experience between agencies and in-house marketing departments. Most importantly, this experience has allowed me to participate in hundreds of projects for all type of business; from small local business to international companies. As a result, I can offer my industry-specific know-how in a wide variety of products and services.

Customised Marketing Plans

To target the Spanish Market

A marketing plan is a cornerstone for the company’s future strategy to gain Hispanic marketing. The success of future campaigns and marketing actions will rely heavily on the benefits of this plan. It should correctly determine who we are targeting, why, and how. Without it, you could waste tons of money and time using the wrong message and channel or targeting the wrong audience. That said, structure and pricing on marketing plans vary widely depending on many factors. We need to tackle your needs and expectations in the first place before to determine which are going to be the foundations of your marketing plan.

Multidisciplinary & Global Network

Materialise complex projects in time & cost

No matter if you need an entire marketing strategy or you are looking for a specific marketing-related service, I have an extensive and multidisciplinary network capable of materialising nearly any online and offline project. Being Strategic & digital marketing my areas of expertise, I’m constantly working in collaboration with designers, web developers, translators, etc. 

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NICO | A Spanish Digital Marketing Consultant

Expert in strategic and online marketing

If you already have a marketing plan, I can certainly work along with your marketing team. I’m a hands-on professional who enjoys managing Pay per Click campaigns. Thanks to my network of trusted partners,  I can also help you out with your SEO, design and translation needs.

Spanish Digital Advertising Services

  • YouTube & Google Ads in Spanish
  • Instagram & Facebook ads in Spanish
  • Multilingual and multi-country campaigns
  • Content generation & SEO in Spanish
  • LinkedIn ads campaign in Spanish
  • Amazon Advertising & SEO listings in Spanish
  • Bing / Microsoft ads in Spanish
  • Banner Design &Landing pages in Spanish

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