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I’m Nico, a Facebook Ads Specialist and Digital Marketing Consultant. Based in Bangkok, I live between Asia and Europe, offering Facebook Ads freelance service worldwide.

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Online marketing is the engine of your sales. You need a data-driven Facebook Ads Specialist who can deliver results. A professional with the required know-how not only to optimise your campaigns, but also to help you to determine your objectives. It’s important to know what we want to achieve to employ the right strategy.

The journey will start by picking the right Facebook campaign types and designing a sales funnel that works for your business model. This funnel can consist of two, or several different campaigns, working together to encourage your potential customers to purchase your product or service. Once we have designed our sales-funnel, we will need to identify and create the audiences we want to target. Finally, we will choose the right ad types for each campaign model, and design the artwork necessary to communicate your message correctly.

If you’re not sure where to begin, I’m a Facebook Ads consultant expertly positioned to make recommendations. We can design a cross-platform-campaign selecting networks such as; Facebook, Google, YouTube, Bing, LinkedIn, Amazon, whichever is the right fit for your business. If you already have an advertising account, we can start by reviewing it for free. As a Facebook ads Freelancer, I will always work with your goals and expectations, optimising your Facebook Ads campaigns to achieve maximum results.


Targeted Facebook Marketing Services

Choosing the Right Facebook Campaign Type

Pick the right Facebook objective for your business

What do you want people to do when they see your ads? Before you start building your campaign, we have to consider what your business goals are. We need to know what you want to achieve with your ads to be able to choose the most appropriate campaign type.

The three main Facebook campaign objectives you can choose from are; Awareness (brand recognition), Consideration (drive traffic to your site) and Conversions (grow sales and increase leads). But your goals may change in the future as your campaign grows. For instance, you may start by building a brand awareness campaign, but move to a more sales-oriented one later, once your business has brand recognition. That is what a sales funnel does, taking your potential customers closer to a buying decision step by step.

Brand Awareness & Traffic Facebook campaigns | Drive traffic to your website and build brand awareness

When you first launch a new product or service, you need to generate awareness among your potential customers. A Facebook awareness campaign is the necessary prior step before moving to a more conversion-oriented campaign.

Facebook users are not searching for you as they do on Google. Therefore, before you even try to sell to them, you need to let them know about your business. No matter if you have a local business, or a service targeting several countries, Facebook ads can easily generate brand awareness within your area of influence. This awareness will help you later to create targeted audiences for future goal-oriented campaigns.

One step ahead – Traffic Campaigns can build awareness, but they also send the user to a page where they can gather information. This information will take your potential customers one step further into the sales funnel, bringing them closer to making a purchasing decision.

Results-oriented Facebook campaigns| Maximise leads, sales, and new users

Facebook Lead generation campaigns are the best fit for those businesses in need of generating sales leads. The users do not even need to leave Facebook, as all the action happens within the platform. As a result, this type of campaign is very easy to optimise. Nearly any service that needs sales prospects can benefit from a Facebook lead generation campaign. Facebook can automatically fill the name, email and phone number, helping the user to fill the form faster. But to generate quality leads, we have to be a bit more demanding when requiring the client’s  information. Just by adding one or two questions to complete manually, we will prevent our campaign from getting leads that are generated accidentally.

Facebook conversion campaigns send users to your website. This type of campaign is optimised from using actions that happen within our site. For instance, a transaction, a registration, a lead generated in your landing page, or any other valuable response that has taken place on your website. To track these actions it requires us to implement a Facebook pixel on your page. This pixel captures the customer journey, recording every time a user completes a predetermined goal, and therefore identifying the best-performing campaigns, ads, and audiences. As a result, we will be able to optimise the campaigns by allocating the budget on those that perform better.

To conclude, we will need to craft a high converting landing page with a clear goal that prompts the visitors to take a specific action. Crafting landing pages that get results is not as easy as it looks. Effective landing pages strike a balance between an attractive design, quality content, and persuasive calls to action.


Facebook Ads Freelance Services

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